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Nootropics the Future of Cognitive Enhancers for Better or Worse?


Introduction to Nootropics

Nootropics are a form of 'cognitive enhancer' and are commonly referred to as 'smart drugs' that aim to boost the user's cognitive performance. Nootropics work as a stimulant that helps to make your brain more alert, more creative and even improve your mood (1). Nootropics themselves can come in both prescription and non-prescription forms. The most common non-prescription forms of Nootropics include Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba and Omega 3 fatty acids (1). Even though the term 'Nootropics' can be traced back to 1972, research on how Nootropics work is still in its early stage. Early research indicates that Nootropics may increase the blood flow and oxygen supply towards the user's brain (2).

Benefits of Nootropics

Improved Memory Recollection

One of the key benefits that have helped to contribute to the rise in Nootropics has been the idea that Nootropics helps to improve a user's memory. Helping to enhance memory recollection and improve memory storage. Done by increasing the communication functions between neurons (3). This increase in synaptic plasticity helps to further cognitive mobility leading to enhanced learning and memory function. Studies have noted that some Nootropics like Tyrosine can improve memory even when the brain is undergoing short-term stress (4).

Increased Mental Alertness

Nootropics have the byproduct effect of increasing the user's mental alertness and concentration. This effect is most commonly famous in caffeine as caffeine is the most used Nootropic in the world due to its natural presence in coffee products. Caffeine helps to increase mental alertness by increasing the circulation of chemicals largely consisting of cortisol and adrenaline within the body (5). Which has the follow-on effect of increasing the user's brain activity. Studies have highlighted that caffeine can significantly increase daytime alertness in fully rested and partially sleep-deprived users (6).

Boosting Energy Levels

As stated previously Nootropics can help increase adrenaline to promote greater brain performance, as Nootropics helps to enhance the brain's metabolic pathways, which promote and increase the energy levels in the brain and throughout the user's body (7). This is pivotal as research has shown that the brain uses up 20% of the body's overall energy reserves (7).

Common Challenges in the Nootropics Field

As it currently stands, medical experts express that if Nootropics are to be used by an individual if they only take Nootropics found in already established forms including, omega-3 fatty acids to improve brain health, caffeine to improve short term mental concentration (1) and Ginkgo and Bacopa for memory, as these forms have a large amount of evidence and research and studies to support their efficacy.

Final Thoughts

In general, Nootropics have a lot of varied benefits, such as improved brain function and increased energy, which highlights a large amount of potential for the supplement field. The Nootropics market is expected to see further growth with its valuation eclipsing more than $5 million by 2026 (8), with key drivers being the increasing consumer need for more energy and the increase in overall stimulants being purchased by people suffering from mood conditions (e.g. depression and anxiety) (9).

As things stand currently, multiple medical experts have recommended the safest forms of Nootropics to take include Omega three fatty acids as multiple studies have noted that omega-3s build up the nerve cells which are essential for learning and memory (10). Research also confirms the positive attributes of Caffeine, conveying that moderation can stimulate the central nervous system (11). As always, if you have an interest in using a Nootropic you should seek a healthcare professional for their advice.

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