Skilled in enhancing existing products and creating groundbreaking new products for your target markets.

From the very first concept idea to your product launch, Lipa’s Product Development experts work collaboratively to ensure you have access to the latest innovative ingredients and ideas.

We are always scouting for new ways to apply innovation to product and material concepts. We are at the forefront of new material approvals with the TGA and secure early access to new materials. With access to thousands of ingredients from hundreds of suppliers across in the world, our Product Development team are limited only by your imagination.

Our team are constantly examining new processing technologies to make manufacturing our customers’ products as efficiently and streamlined as possible.
With the team’s expertise, we can assist with:
New product development to target specific health needs​
New market segments globally​
Global sourcing and supply chain​
Improvement of your existing products​
Novel or exclusive ingredients​
Analytical method development and validation​
Product Development