Specialise in complex paste and single active oils.

Lipa’s manufacturing capability includes soft gelatine capsules across a range of complex paste and oil formulations.

With access to thousands of herbal, vitamin and mineral ingredients that are suitable specifically for softgels, Lipa’s specialisation is in complex formulations such as herbal paste and oil combinations. We also have the ability to produce multivitamin and mineral complexes in softgel formats.

Lipa has access to some of the world’s leading suppliers of Marine oil including Fish and Salmon Oil and Omega 3 Concentrates, Omega 3 Ethyl Esters, Krill oil and Krill Oil Concentrates as well as Calamari oils.

Our soft gelatine capsule processing lines are housed in individual temperature, humidity and pressure-controlled rooms, which allows exact control of every step of the process to ensure optimum quality and compliance.​​​​

Capsule options:
Delayed Release Gelatine​
Fish Gelatine​
Bovine Gelatine​
Pearlescent Gelatine​
Chewable Gelatine​
Soft Capsules Product
Capsule options:
4 minim​
5 minim​
6 minim​
7.5 minim​
9.5 minim​
10 minim​
11 minim​
12 minim​
15 minim​
20 minim​
22 minim​
24 minim​
28 minim​
Capsule shape options:
The capsules can be tailored in colour to suit each product.