Capability to manufacture probiotics with a fully licensed TGA-approved micro-laboratory onsite for testing.

Lipa is constantly working with a range of global probiotic sources with reputable and efficacious probiotic strains to formulate and develop our probiotic products. Working closely with the suppliers, we have an understanding of the specific manufacturing requirements for each strain and the overages that need to be applied to the product. ​

We manufacture our finished probiotic products in low humidity and low-temperature environments in order to control the water activity and the heat generated during manufacturing to control the environmental sensitivity of specific strains. This allows for the products to be protected to help maintain its shelf life and not compromise efficacy. ​

Our probiotics are placed through rigorous stability programs to ensure they have maximum shelf life efficacy.

Probiotics Manufacturing
Our probiotic formats:
Oil Suspension​
Two-piece capsules​