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Lavender Oil: The A to Z Solution for Stress Relief to Hair Care


What Is Lavender Oil?
Lavender oil has been popular within the health and beauty space, for what seems like forever and I am sure that you have heard everyone talking about it. But have you ever questioned, what it actually does? 

Lavender Oil, as you already guessed, it comes from lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). But on a deeper level lavender oil, is actually extracted from the actual flower spike that is found in a select number of lavender plant types (1). From that the oil is then boiled and turned into vapour and then cooled to a more liquid state (where the more purified oil can be separated from the water). 

Lavender Oil- The Power To Do More Than You Know

Lavender oil is considered an essential oil. Something that has helped it gain a steady level of notoriety within the aromatherapy field, due to the relaxing aroma it is mainly used to help calm and relax the user, by ensuring that their body is in the most softened and tranquil state. Allowing for easier body handling. But below the surface, you may be surprised to know that Lavender oil has the properties to do so much more.

Skincare and Haircare

The first lavender oil use we are starting off on with isn't new, as it has actually been around for centuries, as lavender oil has been used by the ancient Greeks. It was particularly popular amongst the Persian and Roman royal families. Where they would take lavender-scented baths in an effort to rejuvenate the skin and hair, and this is a practice that has continued into modern times with most modern Spa's utilising this practice.

In regards to skincare, lavender oil is considered an antiseptic that can be applied directly to areas of dry skin or where the skin has become itchy and rough. Lavender oil is also helpful in fighting skin conditions like eczema which due to its anti-fungal properties allows it to reduce skin inflammation. Also, it is important to add, that lavender oil also helps in regards to hair loss. One study found that 40% of subjects who suffered from alopecia (a hair loss disease), noted that they had increased levels of hair regeneration after applying lavender oil directly to their scalp (2). 

Improvement of Respiratory System

Yep, lavender oil can even improve your lung health and breathing capacity. If the oil is used as a vapour, and then applied to certain areas of your neck, chest and back, then the natural stimulating properties of lavender, can help to relieve congestion and phlegm that build up in your lungs and throat (3). Meaning lavender oil can be your new best friend when it comes to any coughs, colds, and sinus congestion, you may be experiencing during this upcoming flu season. 

Lavender Powder- The New Innovation In Lavender Oil That is Changing the Game

So far we have been talking about the more traditional forms and uses of lavender oil. But a recent innovation made by Pharmako has allowed them to convert lavender oil into a fine powder. Making the first-ever lavender oil powder, and as a powder, it has various advantages over its oily counterpart. The main advantage is that it means it is not sensitive to heat and pressure (4).

The reason why that is so important is that currently, it is very difficult to put lavender oil into a soft gel capsule format as it was prone to leaking. But now in powder form, it can be converted into a hard tablet or two-piece hard shell capsule, which when taken by the user, better distributes its transformative properties throughout the body. Allowing it to be used to combat a variety of different day-to-day issues.

Stress and Anxiety

The first and most common use of lavender powder is to treat stress and anxiety. This should not be surprising as Lavender is often marketed as a stress reliever. But in powder format, it really unlocks the true strength of lavender oil, leading to a powerful effect on a person's stress and anxiety levels, with a similar effectiveness rate of lavender oil.

Which based on a study done in 2010 found that lavender oil had similar effectiveness rates to that of stress and anxiety medication prescription medication (specifically Lorazepam) scoring 45% and 46%, respectively (5). Therefore with decreased levels of stress, the lavender powder can help people who need assistance in having a more balanced sleep schedule with a greater amount of undisturbed sleep (and with how crazy the world is right now, I think we would all benefit from more sleep).

Improvement of Cognitive Function

As you could imagine, the relaxing properties of lavender oil help the brain to reach a more calm state, and Lavender powder is no different. As it helps to improve the brain's ability to focus and perform cognitive tasks with a greater level of accuracy, while also being shown to help to protect against neurological damage, which people reported experiencing improved memory recollection (6).

It should also be added that researchers found in a 2009 study suggest that lavender oil has the potential to be used as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease (7). As in some cases, lavender oil was seen to prevent levels of oxidation in the brain, therefore overall reducing the potential for cognitive impairment. This is in addition to being able to help in the repairing of myelin (a wall that forms around nerves found in the brain), which is lacking specifically in people who suffer from Alzheimer's (8).

Final Thoughts on Lavender Oil

So hopefully after reading this, you have a better idea of what lavender oil is and all the different ways it can be used and in future, we suggest trying and experimenting with lavender oil, in an effort to see how you can better improve your day-to-day, and with this new evolution of lavender powder. The future looks bright for lavender oil, with its potential benefits only being able to reach greater heights.

But do note that it's important to understand that lavender oil is not a definite solution, therefore if you are suffering from any of the issues discussed, please speak to a healthcare professional to get their advice. 

Also, make sure to check out our private label range, where we have access to a wide range of ingredients.

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